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1. Integrated Production Control System
Overview  Software  Hardware  Migration
  Product Name GS No. Model No.

Integrated Production Control System CENTUM VP System Overview GS 33M01A10-40E 3rd
  Electronic Instruction Manual GS 33M01W10-40E 1st LHS5495

  Standard Operation and Monitoring Function  GS 33M05D10-40E 2nd LHS1100,LHM1101
  Console HIS Support Package for Enclosed Display Style     LHS1120
  Console HIS Support Package for Open Display Style     LHS1130
Server for Remote Operation and Monitoring Function GS 33M05D20-40E 2nd LHS1150,LHM1150
  Exaopc OPC Interface Package (for HIS) GS 33M05F10-40E 1st LHS2411
  CENTUM Data Access Library     LHS2412
  Configured Information Reference Package GS 33M05H10-40E 1st LHS4100
  Output to External Recorder Package GS 33M05H20-40E 1st LHS4150
Line Printer Output Package GS 33M05H30-40E 1st LHS4190
  Historical Message Integration Package
(meeting FDA Regulations)
GS 33M05H40-40E 1st LHS4200
  Control Drawing Status Display Package GS 33M05H50-40E 1st LHS4410,LHM4410
  Logic Chart Status Display Package GS 33M05H60-40E 1st LHS4420,LHM4420
  Multiple-Monitor Support Package GS 33M05H70-40E 2nd LHS4600
  Advanced Alarm Filter Package GS 33M05H80-40E 1st LHS4700
  Long-term Data Archive Package GS 33M05J10-40E 1st LHS6510
Report Package GS 33M05J20-40E 1st LHS6530
  FCS Data Setting/Acquisition Package (PICOT) GS 33M05J30-40E 1st LHS6710,LHM6710
  Million Tag Handling Package GS 33M05K10-40E 1st LHS4000
Multiple Project Connection Package GS 33M05K20-40E 2nd LHS5450,LHS4450
  CS Batch 3000 (Batch Management Packages) GS 33M05L10-40E 1st LHS6600,LHM6600,
  Standard Builder Function GS 33M10D10-40E 2nd LHS5100,LHM5100
  Access Control Package GS 33M10D20-40E 1st LHS5110
Graphic Builder GS 33M10D30-40E 2nd LHS5150
  Access Administrator Package 
(FDA:21CFR Part11 compliant)
GS 33M10D40-40E 1st LHS5170
  Test Function GS 33M10D50-40E 1st LHS5420,LHM5150
  Expanded Test Functions GS 33M10D60-40E 1st LHS5425,
  FCS Simulator Package     LHS5426,
  HIS Simulator Package     LHS5427
  Self-documentation Package GS 33M10D80-40E 1st LHS5490,LHM5490
  Turbomachinery I/O Module Logic Builder Package GS 33M10U10-40E 1st LHS5800
  Control Functions for Standard Field Control Station (for FIO) GS 33M15C30-40E 1st LFS1300
Control Functions for Enhanced Field Control Station (for FIO) GS 33M15C40-40E 1st LFS1330
  Control Functions for Compact Field Control Unit 
(for FIO)
GS 33M15C50-40E 1st LFS1350
  FA-M3 Communication Package 
(for ALR111 and ALR121)
GS 33M15D10-40E 1st LFS2410
  FA-M3 Communication Package (for ALE111) GS 33M15D20-40E 1st LFS2431
  YS Communication Package (for ALR121) GS 33M15D30-40E 1st LFS2420
  YS Communication Package with direct connection (for ALR121) GS 33M15D40-40E 1st LFS2421
  DARWIN/DAQSTATION Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33M15D50-40E 1st LFS2432
Modbus Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33M15E10-40E 1st LFS9153
  Modbus Communication Package (for ALE111) GS 33M15E20-40E 1st LFS2453
  SLC 500 Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33M15E30-40E 1st LFS2456, 
  PLC-5 Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
  PLC-5/SLC 500 Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33M15E40-40E 1st LFS2433
  MELSEC-A Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33M15E50-40E 1st LFS9162
  MELSEC Communication Package (for ALE111) GS 33M15E60-40E 1st LFS2430
  FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication Package 
(for ALF111)
GS 33M15F10-40E 1st LFS2610
PROFIBUS Communication Package (for ALP111) GS 33M15F20-40E 1st LFS2542
  HART Communication Package (for AxIxxx-H) GS 33M15F30-40E 1st LFS2710
  Control Functions for Standard Field Control Station (for RIO) GS 33M15J10-40E 1st LFS1100
  Control Functions for Enhanced Field Control Station (for RIO) GS 33M15J20-40E 1st LFS1130
  Standard Control Function (for PFC*-S) GS 33M15J30-40E 1st LFS1000, 
  Enhanced Control Function (for PFC*-E)     LFS1020
  Control Functions for Compact Field Control Station GS 33M15J40-40E 1st LFS1120
  FA-M3 Communication Package (for ACM11,ACM12) GS 33M15K10-40E 1st LFS2210
FA-M3 Communication Package (for ACM71) GS 33M15K20-40E 1st LFS2231
  YS Communication Package (for ACM12) GS 33M15K30-40E 1st LFS2220
  DARWIN Communication Package (for ACM11) GS 33M15K40-40E 1st LFS2211
  DARWIN/DAQSTATION Communication Package 
(for ACM71)
GS 33M15K50-40E 1st LFS2232
  Gas Chromatograph Communication Package 
(for ACM21)
GS 33M15K60-40E 1st LFS2212
  Modbus Communication Package 
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33M15L10-40E 1st LFS9053
  Modbus Communication Package (for ACM71) GS 33M15L20-40E 1st LFS2253
A-B Communication Package 
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33M15L30-40E 1st LFS9054
  SLC 500 Communication Package (for ACM11) GS 33M15L40-40E 1st LFS9056
  PLC-5/SLC 500 Communication Package 
(for ACM71)
GS 33M15L50-40E 1st LFS9074
  Siemens Communication Package 
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33M15L60-40E 1st LFS9055
  MELSEC-A Communication Package 
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33M15L70-40E 1st LFS9062
  MELSEC-A Communication Package (for ACM71) GS 33M15L80-40E 1st LFS2230
  SYSMAC Communication Package 
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33M15L90-40E 1st LFS9063
FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication Package 
(for ACF11)
GS 33M15N10-40E 1st LFS2510
  PROFIBUS Communication Package (for ACP71) GS 33M15N20-40E 1st LFS2540
  Off-site Block Package GS 33M15P10-40E 1st LFS8620
  Valve Pattern Monitor Package GS 33M15P20-40E 1st LFS3132
  APCS Functions,  GS 33M15U10-40E 2nd LFS1200, 
  APCS Suite     LHSSETA
  System Integration OPC Client Package GS 33M20D10-40E 2nd LBC2100
  GSGW Generic Subsystem Gateway Package GS 33M20F10-40E 2nd LFS1250
SEM Sequence of Events Manager (for FIO) GS 33M30D10-40E
3rd LPC6900,LPC6910,
Modbus Communication Package Slave Version 
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33M30Z35-40E 1st LFS9182
Modbus Communication Package Slave Version 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33M30Z38-40E 1st LFS9281
ControlLogix Ethernet Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33M30Z39-40E 1st LFS9196
EtherNet/IP Communication Package (for ALE111) GS 33M30Z40-40E 1st LFS9291

Enclosed Display Style Console Assembly GS 33M50B40-40E 2nd LPCKIT
Open Display Style Console Assembly GS 33M50B50-40E 2nd YPCKIT
  Control Bus Interface Card GS 33M50C10-40E 1st VF701
  Interface Expansion Card for Console HIS GS 33M50C20-40E 1st AIP261
  USB Operation Keyboard 
(for Human Interface Station)
GS 33M50C30-40E 1st AIP827
  General-purpose Desk (YPCKIT Console style) GS 33M50C40-40E 1st YAX801
Desk for CENTUM GS 33M50C50-40E 1st YAX101
  Communication Gateway Unit GS 33M50D10-40E 1st ACG10S
Bus Converter GS 33M50D20-40E 2nd ABC11S
  Dual-Redundant Bus Converter     ABC11D
Optical Bus Repeater (for Max. 4km) 
for V net and RIO bus
GS 33M50D40-40E 2nd YNT511S,YNT511D
  Optical Bus Repeater (for Max. 15km) for V net GS 33M50D50-40E 1st YNT522S,YNT522D
  Bus Repeater for V net and RIO bus GS 33M50D60-40E 1st YNT512S,YNT512D
  Field Control Unit (for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type) GS 33M50E20-40E 1st AFF50S
  Duplexed Field Control Unit 
(for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type)
ESB Bus Coupler Module (for AFF50x) GS 33M50E25-40E 2nd EC401
  Field Control Unit (for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type) GS 33M50E50-40E 1st AFS30S, AFG30S
  Duplexed Field Control Unit 
(for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type)
    AFS30D, AFG30D
  Field Control Unit (for FIO, with Cabinet) GS 33M50E60-40E 1st AFS40S, AFG40S
  Duplexed Field Control Unit (for FIO, with Cabinet)     AFS40D, AFG40D
FIO System Overview GS 33M50F10-40E 2nd
  Node Units (for FIO) GS 33M50F20-40E
1st ANB10S, ANB10D, ANR10S, ANR10D
  ER Bus Interface Master Module (for FIO) GS 33M50F25-40E 1st EB401
Analog I/O Modules (for FIO) GS 33M50F30-40E
2nd AIS135, AIS835, AAT145, AAR145, AAP135, AAI143,
AAI543, AAV144, AAV544, AAT141, AAR181, AAI141,
AAV141, AAV142, AAV542, AAI841, AAB841, AAP149,
Digital I/O Modules (for FIO) GS 33M50F40-40E
1st ADV151, ADV141, ADV142, ADV157, ADV161, ADV551,
ADR541, ADV557, ADV561, ADV859, ADV159, ADV559,
ADV869, ADV169, ADV569
  I/O Modules With Built-In Barrier (for FIO) GS 33M50F50-40E 1st ASI133, ASI533, AST143, ASR133, ASD143, ASD533
Turbomachinery I/O Module GS 33M50F60-40E 3rd AGS813, AGP813,
  Subsystem Communication Module (for FIO) GS 33M50G10-40E 1st ALR111, ALR121, ALE111
  FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication Module
(for FIO)
GS 33M50G20-40E 1st ALF111
PROFIBUS-DPV1 Communication Module GS 33M50G80-40E 2nd ALP111
Field Connection Specifications (for FIO) GS 33M50H10-40E 2nd
Terminal Block (for FIO) GS 33M50H20-40E 1st ATA4S, ATT4S, ATR8S, ATB5S, ATD5S, ATI3S, ATC4S, ATC5S, ATF9S, ATA4D, ATT4D, ATR8D, ATB5D, ATD5D, ATI3D, ATK4A, ATI3A, ATB3A, ATD5A, ATM4A, ATV4A
  Field Connection Specifications 
(for I/O Modules with Built-In Barrier)
GS 33M50H30-40E 1st
  Terminal Block (for I/O Modules with Built-In Barrier) GS 33M50H40-40E 1st
  Terminal Boards (for FIO) GS 33M50H50-40E
Relay Boards (for FIO) GS 33M50H70-40E 2nd ARM15A,ARM55D, ARM55W,ARM55C, ARS15B, ARS15M, ARS55M
  Signal Conditioner Nests GS 33M50H80-40E 1st


  Signal Conditioner Nest Fan Unit     SCFAN1
  Signal Conditioner Cards GS 33M50H85-40E 1st ET5, ER5, ES1, EM1, EH1, EH5, EA1, EA2, EA5, EP1, EP3, EC0, EA0, EH0, EX1, EXT, ESC
Cables GS 33M50J10-40E 1st YCB111, YCB311, YCB118, YCB117, YCB141, YCB148, YCB146, YCB149, YCB147, AKB101, YCB301, YCB121, YCB128, AKB301, AKB311, KB3, KB4, AKB141, AKB142, AKB143, AKB144, AKB135, AKB136, AKB161, AKB162, AKB131, AKB132, AKB133, AKB134, AKB331, AKB335, AKB332, AKB333, AKB334, AKB336, AKB337, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS8, KS9, KS10, KCN, KCN1, YCB138
  I/O Expansion Cabinet (for FIO) GS 33M50K10-40E 1st ACB41
  24V DC Output Power Supply
GS 33M50K20-40E 1st PW601, PW602, PW604
  Secondary Power Supply Bus Unit     AEP9D
  Primary Power Supply Bus Unit GS 33M50K30-40E 1st AEP7D
  Field Control Unit (for RIO 19" Rack Mountable Type) GS 33M50Q20-40E 1st AFS10S, AFG10S
  Duplexed Field Control Unit 
(for RIO 19" Rack Mountable Type)
    AFS10D, AFG10D
  Field Control Unit (for RIO, with Cabinet),  GS 33M50Q30-40E 1st AFS20S, AFG20S
  Duplexed Field Control Unit (for RIO, with Cabinet)     AFS20D, AFG20D
  Field Control Station,  GS 33M50Q40-40E 1st PFCS,
  Duplexed Field Control Station     PFCD
Node Interface Unit 
(for RIO, Cabinet Installation Type)
GS 33M50R10-40E 1st ANS20, AND20
  Node Interface Unit (19" Rack Mountable Type) GS 33M50R20-40E 1st ANS50, AND50
I/O Module Nest, I/O Module (for RIO) GS 33M50R30-40E
2nd AMN11, AMN12, AMN21, AMN31, AMN32, AMN33, AMN34, AMN51, AMN52, AAM10, AAM11, AAM11B, AAM21, AAM21J, APM11, AAM50, AAM51, AMC80, ADM15R, ADM55R, AMM12T, AMM22M AMM22T,AMM22TJ, AMM32T,AMM32TJ, AMM42T,AMM52T, AMM12C,AMM22C, AMM25C,AMM32CJ, ADM11T, ADM12T, ADM51T, ADM52T, ADM12C, ADM51C, ADM52C, ACM11, ACM12, ACM21, ACM22, ACM71, ACF11, ACP71
  Terminal Boards GS 33M50R40-40E
  Terminal Blocks   TE16, TE32, TE08,
  Relay Boards (for RIO and ST compatible FIO)     MRI, MRO
Cables (for RIO) GS 33M50S10-40E 1st YCB121,YCB128, AKB301,AKB311, KB3, KB4, AKB141,AKB142, AKB143, AKB144, AKB161, AKB162
I/O Expansion Cabinet (for RIO) GS 33M50T10-40E 2nd ACB21

  CENTUM V and CENTUM-XL Migration to 
GS 33M50W10-40E
1st AFS81S, AFS81D, AFS82S, AFS82D, AFS83S, AFS83D, AFS84S, AFS84D, AKT801, AKT802, AKT803
EOPS/EOPC/MOPL Migration kit GS 33M50W30-40E 2nd LOPXLMK
  C Series 
Signal Conditioner Card 
(for migrated system for CENTUM V) 
GS 33M50W50-40E 1st CM1, CT5, CR5, CS1, CH2, CH1, CH5, CA1, CA5, CP1, CC0, CA0, CH0, CX1
OPS Value Up Kit for CENTUM VP GS 33M50Z85-40E 1st OPSVPL
Micro-XL System Upgrade Kit for CENTUM VP GS 33M50Z86-40E 1st MXLVPL
Micro-XL Migration Kit for CENTUM VP Entry Class GS 33M50Z87-40E 1st MXLVP2

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