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2. Integrated Production Control System
Overview  Software  Hardware  Migration
  Product Name GS No. Model No.

CENTUM CS 3000 System Overview GS 33Q01B10-31E 23th

Standard Operation and Monitoring Function, GS 33Q02C10-31E 16th LHS1100,LHM1101
  Console HIS Support Package for Enclosed Display Style,      LHS1120,
  Console HIS Support Package for Open Display Style     LHS1130, 
  Million Tag Handling Package GS 33Q02L10-31E 1st LHS4000
  Exaopc OPC Interface Package (for HIS), GS 33Q02L20-31E 11th LHS2411,
  CENTUM Data Access Library     LHS2412
Server for Remote Operation and Monitoring Function GS 33Q02L60-31E 7th LHS1150, LHM1150
  Configured Information Reference Package GS 33Q02N01-31E 2nd LHS4100
Consolidated Historical Message Integration Package (meeting FDA Regulations) GS 33Q02N02-31E 1st LHS4200
Consolidated Alarm Management Software
(CAMS for HIS)
GS 33Q02N03-31E 6th LHS4800
  Multiple-Monitor Support Package GS 33Q02N10-31E 3rd LHS4600
  Advanced Alarm Filter Package GS 33Q02N20-31E 3rd LHS4700
  Control Drawing Status Display Package GS 33Q02N40-31E 2nd LHS4410, LHM4410
  Logic Chart Status Display Package GS 33Q02N41-31E 2nd LHS4420, LHM4420
  Expert Trend Viewer Package GS 33Q02N60-31E 2nd LHS4510
  Line Printer Output Package GS 33Q02N71-31E 3rd LHS4190
SEM Sequence of Events Manager (for FIO) GS 33Q02N80-31E 8th LPC6900, LPC6910,
LPC6920, LPC6930
  VTSPortal Basic Pack, GS 33Q02N81-31E 5th LPC7800,
  VTSPortal Multiple Client Builder License     LPC7801
  Output to External Recorder Package GS 33Q02N90-31E 2nd LHS4150
  Report Package GS 33Q02Q40-31E 13th LHS6530
  Long-term Data Archive Package GS 33Q02Q50-31E 2nd LHS6510
  CS Batch 3000 (Batch Management Packages) GS 33Q02R20-31E 6th LHS6600, LHM6600,
LHS5160, LHS5161
  FCS Data Setting/Acquisition Package (PICOT) GS 33Q02R30-31E 6th LHS6710, LHM6710
  Multiple Project Connection Package GS 33Q02S10-31E 3rd LHS5450, LHS4450
  Control Functions for Standard Field Control Station (for RIO) GS 33Q03K10-31E 6th LFS1100
  Control Functions for Enhanced Field Control Station (for RIO) GS 33Q03K11-31E 4th LFS1130
  Control Functions for Compact Field Control Station GS 33Q03K20-31E 5th LFS1120
  Control Functions for Standard Field Control Station (for FIO) GS 33Q03K30-31E 10th LFS1300
  Control Functions for Enhanced Field Control Station (for FIO) GS 33Q03K31-31E 6th LFS1330
  Control Functions for Compact Field Control Unit 
(for FIO)
GS 33Q03K40-31E 5th LFS1350
  Standard Control Function (for PFC*-S) GS 33Q03K90-31E 1st LFS1000,  
  Enhanced Control Function (for PFC*-E)     LFS1020
  FA-M3 Communication Package 
(for ACM11/ACM12)
GS 33Q03L20-31E 4th LFS2210
  FA-M3 Communication Package (for ACM71) GS 33Q03L20-32E 4th LFS2231
  FA-M3 Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33Q03L20-33E 6th LFS2410
  FA-M3 Communication Package (for ALE111) GS 33Q03L20-34E 7th LFS2431
  DARWIN Communication Package (for ACM11) GS 33Q03L21-31E 4th LFS2211
  DARWIN/DAQSTATION Communication Package 
(for ACM71)
GS 33Q03L21-32E 4th LFS2232
  DARWIN/DAQSTATION Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33Q03L21-33E 5th LFS2432
  Gas Chromatograph Communication Package
(for ACM21)
GS 33Q03L22-31E 2nd LFS2212
  Modbus Communication Package 
(for ACM11/ACM12)
GS 33Q03L40-31E 5th LFS9053
  Modbus Communication Package (for ACM71) GS 33Q03L40-32E 4th LFS2253
  Modbus Communication Package
(for ALR111 and ALR121)
GS 33Q03L40-33E 8th LFS9153
  Modbus Communication Package (for ALE111) GS 33Q03L40-34E 6th LFS2453
  A-B Communication Package 
(for ACM11/ACM12)
GS 33Q03L41-31E 4th LFS9054
  PLC-5/SLC 500 Communication Package 
(for ACM71)
GS 33Q03L41-32E 5th LFS9074
  SLC 500 Communication Package
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33Q03L41-33E 5th LFS2456, 
  PLC-5 Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)
  PLC-5/SLC 500 Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33Q03L41-34E 8th LFS2433
  SLC 500 Communication Package (for ACM11) GS 33Q03L41-36E 3rd LFS9056
  Siemens Communication Package 
(for ACM11/ACM12)
GS 33Q03L42-31E 4th LFS9055
  MELSEC-A Communication Package 
(for ACM11/ACM12)
GS 33Q03L43-31E 6th LFS9062
  MELSEC-A Communication Package 
(for ACM71)
GS 33Q03L43-32E 6th LFS2230
  MELSEC-A Communication Package 
(for ALR111 and ALR121)
GS 33Q03L43-33E 7th LFS9162
  MELSEC Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33Q03L43-34E 11th LFS2430
  SYSMAC Communication Package 
(for ACM11/ACM12)
GS 33Q03L44-31E 4th LFS9063
  YS Communication Package (for ACM12) GS 33Q03L45-31E 5th LFS2220
  YS Communication Package (for ALR121) GS 33Q03L45-33E 6th LFS2420
  YS Communication Package with direct connection (for ALR121) GS 33Q03L46-31E 7th LFS2421
  FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication Package
(for ACF11)
GS 33Q03L50-31E 3rd LFS2510
  FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication Package
(for ALF111)
GS 33Q03L60-31E 9th LFS2610
  HART Communication Package (for AxIxxx-H) GS 33Q03L70-31E 8th LFS2710
  PROFIBUS Communication Package 
(for ALP111)
GS 33Q03L80-31E 3rd LFS2542
APCS Control Functions,  GS 33Q03M10-31E 9th LFS1200, 
  APCS Package Set     LHSSETA
GSGW Generic Subsystem Gateway Package GS 33Q03P10-31E 8th LFS1250
  Off-site Block Package GS 33Q03U20-31E 6th LFS8620
  Valve Pattern Monitor Package GS 33Q03U30-31E 7th LFS3132
Standard Builder Function GS 33Q04K20-31E 16th LHS5100, LHM5100
  Access Control Package GS 33Q04K21-31E 3rd LHS5110
  Graphic Builder GS 33Q04L10-31E 4th LHS5150
  Access Administrator Package 
(FDA:21CFR Part11 compliant)
GS 33Q04L20-31E 4th LHS5170
  Test Function GS 33Q04N10-31E 4th LHS5420, LHM5150
  Expanded Test Functions,  GS 33Q04N11-31E 8th LHS5425,
  FCS Simulator Package,      LHS5426,
  HIS Simulator Package     LHS5427
  Self-documentation Package GS 33Q04N20-31E 4th LHS5490,LHM5490
  Electronic Instruction Manual GS 33Q04N30-31E 10th LHS5495
System Integration OPC Client Package GS 33Q05P10-31E 6th LPC2100
  MODBUS Communication Package Slave Version
(for ACM11, ACM12)
GS 33Q05Z35-31E
4th LFS9182
  ControlLogix Ethernet Communication Package
(for ALE111)
GS 33Q05Z35-32E 4th LFS9196
  MODBUS Communication Package Slave Version
(for ALR111, ALR121)
GS 33Q05Z35-33E 3rd LFS9281
EtherNet/IP Communication Package 
(for ALE111)
GS 33Q05Z35-36E 2nd LFS9291

Hard Enclosed Display Style Console Assembly GS 33Q06B40-31E 8th LPCKIT
Open Display Style Console Assembly GS 33Q06B50-31E 13th YPCKIT
  Field Control Unit (19" Rack Mountable Type), GS 33Q06C20-31E 3rd AFS10S, AFG10S, 
  Duplexed Field Control Unit
(19" Rack Mountable Type)
    AFS10D, AFG10D
  Field Control Unit (for RIO, with Cabinet),  GS 33Q06C21-31E 4th AFS20S, 
  Duplexed Field Control Unit (for RIO, with Cabinet)     AFS20D
  Field Control Station,  GS 33Q06C30-31E 3rd PFCS,
  Duplexed Field Control Station     PFCD
  Desk for CENTUM GS 33Q06G10-31E 3rd YAX101
  Communication Gateway Unit GS 33Q06H10-31E 4th ACG10S
  Bus Converter,  GS 33Q06H20-31E 5th ABC11S, 
  Dual-Redundant Bus Converter     ABC11D
  I/O Expansion Cabinet (for RIO) GS 33Q06J20-31E 3rd ACB21
  Node Interface Unit (for RIO, Cabinet Installation Type) GS 33Q06K20-31E 2nd ANS20, AND20
  Node Interface Unit (19" Rack Mountable Type) GS 33Q06K30-31E 3rd ANS50, AND50
  Field Control Unit (for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type), GS 33Q06N05-31E 5th AFF50S, 
  Dupplexed Field Control Unit
(for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type)
  ESB Bus Coupler Module (for AFF50*) GS 33Q06N06-31E 3rd EC401
  Field Control Unit (for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type), GS 33Q06N10-31E 7th AFS30S, AFG30S, 
  Duplexed Field Control Unit
(for FIO, 19" Rack Mountable Type)
    AFS30D, AFG30D
  Field Control Unit (for FIO, with Cabinet),  GS 33Q06N20-31E 9th AFS40S, AFG40S, 
  Duplexed Field Control Unit (for FIO, with Cabinet)     AFS40D, AFG40D 
  I/O Expansion Cabinet (for FIO) GS 33Q06P10-31E 9th ACB41
  24V DC Output Power Supply GS 33Q06P20-31E 4th PW601, PW602, PW604
  Secondary Power Supply bus Unit     AEP9D
  Primary Power Supply Bus Unit GS 33Q06P21-31E 3rd AEP7D
  FIO System Overview GS 33Q06Q01-31E 20th
  Node Units (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q10-31E 15th ANB10S, ANB10D, ANR10S, ANR10D
  Analog I/O Modules (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q40-31E 17th
  Digital I/O Modules (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q45-31E 10th
  Subsystem Communication Module (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q46-31E 6th ALR111, ALR121, ALE111
  FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication Module
(for FIO)
GS 33Q06Q47-31E 7th ALF111
  ER Bus Interface Master Module (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q48-31E 3rd EB401
PROFIBUS-DPV1 Communication Module GS 33Q06Q49-31E 6th ALP111
  Field Connection Specifications (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q50-31E 13th
  Terminal Block (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q51-31E 7th
  I/O Modules With Built-In Barrier (for FIO) GS 33Q06Q60-31E 4th
  Field Connection Specifications
(for I/O Modules with Built-In Barrier)
GS 33Q06Q64-31E 2nd
  Terminal Block (for I/O Modules with Built-In Barrier) GS 33Q06Q65-31E 2nd
  Cables (for FIO) GS 33Q06R10-31E 11th
  Terminal Boards (for FIO) GS 33Q06R80-31E 6th
  Relay Boards (for FIO) GS 33Q06R90-31E 6th ARM15A,ARM55D, ARM55W,ARM55C, ARS15B, ARS15M, ARS55M

Migration EOPS/EOPC/MOPL Migration kit GS 33Q06V20-31E 2nd LOPXLMK
  CENTUM V and CENTUM-XL Migration to CENTUM CS 3000 GS 33Q06W30-31E 7th AFS81S, AFS81D, AFS82S, AFS82D, AFS83S, AFS83D, AFS84S, AFS84D, AKT801, AKT802, AKT803
  C Series Signal Conditioner Card 
(for migrated system from CENTUM V)
GS 33Q06X10-31E
  Migrating to CENTUM CS 3000 from CENTUM V or CENTUM-XL Operator Station GS 33Q06Z81-31E 2nd OPSVUPK
  Migrating to CENTUM CS 3000 from Micro-XL Operator Station GS 33Q06Z82-31E 2nd MXLSUGK
  Micro-XL Operator Station Migration Kit for CENTUM CS 3000 Entry Class GS 33Q06Z83-31E 1st MXLRK2
Marshaling Board for Honeywell TDC2000 
Controller Terminal Panel
GS 33Q06Z89-31E 1st
  Migration Kit for Honeywell TDC2000 
Point Card Terminal Panel
GS 33Q06Z89-32E 1st
Migration Kit for Honeywell TDC2000
High Level Process Interface Unit Point Card File Assembly
GS 33Q06Z89-33E 1st
  Migration Kit for Honeywell TDC2000
Remote Terminal Panel
GS 33Q06Z89-34E  1st
  Migration Kit for Honeywell TDC3000
Field Termination Assembly
GS 33Q06Z89-35E 1st
  Migration Kit for Bailey Network90
and INFI90 systems
GS 33Q06Z89-36E 1st

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