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3. Safety Instrumented System
  Product Name GS No. Model No.

Safety Instrumented System Overview (for Vnet)

GS 32S01B10-01E 8th  

SOE Viewer Package

GS 32S02D10-01E 3rd CHS2100

Safety Control Functions Package

GS 32S03B10-01E 6th CFS1100

Safety System Generation and Maintenance Function Package

GS 32S04C10-01E 5th CHS5100

CENTUM VP/CS 3000 Integration Engineering Package

GS 32S04D10-01E 4th CHS5200

SOE OPC Interface Package

GS 32S05D10-01E 2nd CHS2200

Modbus Communication Package 
(for ALR111, ALR121)

GS 32S05E10-01E 3rd CFS9153
@ @

Safety Instrumented System Overview (for Vnet/IP)

GS 32S51B10-01E 5th @

Safety Control Units (Rack Mountable Type) 
Duplexed Safety Control (Rack Mountable Type)

GS 32S06D10-01E 6th SSC10S, SSC10D
Field Device Connection (for ProSafe-RS) GS 32S06J10-01E 8th  
Safety Node Unit (Rack Mountable Type) GS 32S06K10-01E 4th SNB10D
Unit for Optical Bus Repeater Module
(Rack Mountable Type)
GS 32S06K11-01E 4th SNT10D
Outline of I/O Modules GS 32S06K20-01E 7th  
Analog I/O Modules (for ProSafe-RS) GS 32S06K30-01E 6th SAI143, SAV144, SAI533
Digital I/O Modules (for ProSafe-RS) GS 32S06K40-01E 7th SDV144, SDV521,
SDV531, SDV541
ESB Bus Coupler Module (for SSC10*, SSC50*) GS 32S06L10-01E 4th SEC401
Optical ESB Bus Repeater Module GS 32S06L11-01E 3th SNT401, SNT501

Terminal Boards/Relay Boards (for the ProSafe-RS)

GS 32S06L20-01E 7th SEA4D, SED4D,  SRM53D, SRM54D

Terminal Blocks (for ProSafe-RS)

GS 32S06L30-01E 5th STA4S, STB4S, STA4D, STB4D

Cables (for ProSafe-RS)

GS 32S06M10-01E 6th @

Safety Control Units Duplexed Safety Control Units (Rack Mountable Type, for Vnet/IP)

GS 32S56D10-01E 4th SSC50S, SSC50D

Optical ESB Bus Repeater Module 5 km to 50 km 
(for SSC50*)

GS 32S56L11-01E 2nd SNT411, SNT511
Electronic Instruction Manual GS 32S07W10-01E 5th CHS5400

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